• Scholarship, Mentorship, Friendship

    A California Distinguished School

    SCHOLARSHIP: Strawberry Elementary School serves children in the fourth through sixth grades in the Bennett Valley Union School District.   The curriculum is designed to challenge students while they are supported by the dedicated staff.  All students enjoy a comprehensive and rigorous standards-based academic program in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History/Social Studies, Physical Education, Technology, Visual and Performing Arts.

    MENTORSHIP:  In addition to the core curriculum, Strawberry utilizes a responsive and flexible intervention model which allows us to provide targeted instruction to meet the individual needs of each student.  Students needing academic assistance receive additional support to achieve proficiency in the state standards. 

    FRIENDSHIP:  Academic excellence cannot be achieved without a strong foundation in social and emotional development.  Strawberry staff provides a safe, environment that emphasizes a positive school climate for all children.  We provide a multi-tiered system of behavioral support that teaches children personal responsibility and problem-resolution skills.  Our school counselor and interns lead groups that focus on the specific emotional needs of children. 

    PARENTS AS PARTNERS:  We would not be able to reach such high levels of academic achievement without the active participation of our parent community.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer in our classrooms and on our playground.  Many parents provide leadership to the district while serving on advisory boards and school Site Council.  We have two parent organizations that fund our enrichment programs, which include dance, art, science, technology, and school-wide assemblies.

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