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  • Dear BVUSD Families and Staff,

    BVUSD schools will be closed this week—October 16-20.  We now plan to reopen on October 23. 

    I am so sorry for so many notifications as we work to make the best decisions for our students and staff given the changing conditions.  We are anxious to get kids back to a sense of normalcy.  We have been inspecting our schools each day and found them to be in good shape. However, with the additional evacuations this weekend  and the fact that evacuation orders have not been lifted for a large segment of the district attendance area, as well as fire activity just east of us,  we have not yet met the criteria I sent you regarding reopening (reprinted below).  I will continue to keep you informed.

    Here is our plan:

    Tomorrow:  Maintenance Personnel will return to work and begin deep cleaning efforts.

    Thursday:  All district staff will have a work day on Thursday with a meeting to give them support and sound strategies for making the best possible return to school for students.

    Friday:  Teachers will have a professional development day

    Monday, October 23:  School will resume as long as the reopening criteria reprinted below are met.  

    First day back:  Teachers will greet their students and provide a very supportive and nurturing return for them.  Additionally, as mentioned, we will have counseling centers set up at each school with counselors, therapy dogs, and places for quiet reflection with art supplies and games for those who need it.  

    Reopening criteria:

    1.     Local authorities will feel that we have a safe level of containment for the fires that are threatening our neighborhoods and communities.    As of today’s briefing, they are getting closer to achieving this criterion.

    2.     The evacuation orders for the majority of our neighborhoods will have been lifted.  We won't be able to have enough staff members present until this occurs.

    3.     Roads will be open that permit us to transport our students safely--we are getting closer on this criterion as well.

    4.     Our schools will continue to be safe and power and water will be fully functional on our sites.  As mentioned, the schools are unharmed at this point, both have power and internet.

    5.     Air quality is also a concern and I'd ideally want us to be out of the unhealthy zone.  I will continue to monitor this with authorities.  It is likely that PE and recess will be indoor activities for awhile after reopening. 


    As mentioned, we have created a scattergram of the homes of all of our students to determine who was in the fire zone and have updated it as we have heard about and from our families.  We have used this to compile a list of all students who may have experienced loss or damage to their homes so that we can prioritize our support and resources first to those who might need them most and we now have a list from the survey data  of students who will get free lunch starting the first day back (in addition to those already on the free/reduced lunch list).  Additionally, we are still working to offer support to families who need it.

    As you may know by now, FEMA has set up a local assistance center at 427 Mendocino Avenue (9:00 AM -7:00PM for the next couple of weeks) as a one stop shop to help displaced families navigate the various systems and rebuild their lives. also has many helpful resources.

    Again, our School Board, administration, teachers and staff are thinking and praying for all of you as we get through this together!  Take care and be safe!

    Sue Field, Superintendent

    BVUSD Strong

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  • Dear BVUSD Families,
    Due to new evacuations & air quality, BVUSD will not repoen until Wednesday, October 23rd. Be Safe!

    Relentlessly Pursuing Success for All Students


    Our fundamental purpose is to educate young people with the highest possible quality instruction; to nurture students' intellectual, physical, and social growth, helping each to achieve to his/her highest potential.


    We provide a multi-tiered system of academic supports, interventions, and enrichments to students that include after and during school programs.  We offer parents meaningfully ways to be involved with the education of their children.


    We strive to ensure a safe environment for all students that nurtures each child's social and emotional development.


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  • Bennett Valley Union School District serves students from preschool to grade six in its two schools, Strawberry and Yulupa. The district's schools are located in Southeast Santa Rosa in quiet, residential neighborhoods combining the best of rural and suburban settings.  The Bennett Valley Union School District is a school community where the state of the arts in teaching and learning meld with the past, teaching children of their roots, while providing them wings for tomorrow. Within a learning climate that encourages innovation and creativity, children are nurtured to learn a broad-based academic and extended curriculum necessary for their continuing education and future success. Parent involvement, a hallmark of our district, is vitally important to our overall educational program. Parents and educators work together in an ever-evolving partnership for the children of Bennett Valley.