Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Should students bring a backpack to school?

    Your child should bring a backpack to school to help organize what he/she will be carrying back and forth. The backpack will be for carrying clothing (sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.), lunch box/bag, picture books, and papers going home from school and returning to school. PLEASE DO NOT let your child fill the backpack with notebooks, pads of paper, pencils, pens, toys, etc. Backpacks become too heavy too quickly these days!

    2) Do I need to buy supplies for my kindergartener?

    A supply list is posted on the district website ( and in the school office window. Please wait until you receive this list to buy supplies, as we have fairly
    specific requests, and have suggested brands, and/or sizes that are "tried and true" for our classroom use.

    3) When is a good time to catch the teacher if I have a question?

    If it's something quick, then check with your child's teacher in the morning before school or at the end of the day. If it's something that requires a lot of discussion or planning, contact the teacher to set up a time to meet.

    4) Can I get makeup homework if we go on a trip during school?

    If you know that your child will miss school due to a family trip, please let me know as soon as you know the dates he/she will be absent. If he/she will be missing at least five days of school, we can put together an Independent Study packet so that the school does not lose ADA money due to the absence. However, I must have as much advance notice as possible; at least a week! It does take extra effort on my part to put together and get the necessary signatures for an independent study packet before you leave on a trip. Having said that, if all at possible, PLEASE try to NOT schedule vacations during the school year. During this time of budget crisis, it is important to send your child to school everyday, unless sick, so the district does not lose crucial ADA money. Also, although we can make up the written work, there is no way to make up for some of the "live" experiences that happen each day in our classroom.

    5) I would like to volunteer, but I can't come during class time.

    I have things that can be done at home by parents whose younger children or work hours prevent them from being in the classroom physically. Crafts can be prepped, book order forms prepared, and other clerical duties can be performed. I am always appreciative of any help I can get! Also, consider volunteering for one of our parties, Art Docent lessons (just one hour long), or field trips if you can take a day (or just a few hours) off work.

    6) What can I bring for my child's birthday?

    If you would like to send in a special treat on your child’s birthday please send in a healthy snack. Please do not send in cupcakes, donuts or cookies. Please refer to our school wellness letter for appropriate snack ideas. Thank you!!! In addition, the birthday child may bring in a wrapped book that he/she will open and donate to the class. This book will be a permanent part of our classroom library. What a nice way for your child to share his/her birthday!