• Registration packets are available in the Yulupa office, beginning January 7th, from 8am to 4pm.

Registration Requirements for Kindergarten

  • Please remember that your child must have been born on or before September 1st, to begin this school year. (Child must be 5 years old by September 1st.)

    1. STUDENT REGISTRATION PACKET: Registration Form, Parent Questionnaire Form, Health and Development Form. Please pick up this packet from the office and complete all of forms in  this packet before you come to register.


    2. VERIFICATION OF ADDRESS: this MUST be a PG&E bill, rental agreement or home purchase agreement. All forms of verification must have your name and address on it.

    3. PROOF OF AGE: proof of age shall be required of all enrolling students. The legal evidences of age, in order of desirability, are birth certificate, passport, or immigration certificate.

    We cannot accept any registration unless ALL of the above items are turned in at the time of registration.

    1. PHYSICIAN'S REPORT: (white form) Children are required by California state law to have a health check-up before they enter school. Bennett Valley Union School District requires each child to have his/her check-up no earlier than six months before entering kindergarten and no later than the time of kindergarten entry. State law requires that children be excluded from school attendance until the have a verified physical examination and immunizations on file at the school. This provides an opportunity to take care of immunization and health check-up requirements at the same time. Please have your physician complete the form. This form must be turned in to the school office no later than the deadline of August 1st of the starting school year.

    2. IMMUNIZATION RECORD-Immunizations are updated at the time of the child's physical exam. If you have a yellow immunization card take that with you and have your doctor update this record or provide you with a new complete immunization record. This updated record must be turned in to the school office no later than the yearly due date of August 1st.

    3. DENTAL CHECK-UP: New law requires children to have oral health check-up upon entering their first year in a public school. Dental evaluations that have happen within the 12 months prior to school entry will meet the requirement. Please have your dentist complete the form.

    Children may not be admitted to school unless they have turned in updated immunization and current physical exam to the school or district office by August 1st.



What to Expect in Kindergarten