• Yulupa School Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

    In order to ensure a safe drop off and pick up for all students, we ask that you follow the procedures listed below.

    Morning Drop Off Reminders:
    Please park safely on the street. Parking lots are for staff and preschool drop off only. Please do not block neighborhood driveways.
    In the car circle, please pull all the way to the front.
    There is no parking in the car circle at any time.
    Parents are not allowed on the playground in the morning for the safety of all students.

    Afternoon Pick-up Reminders:
    Please do not ask your child to meet you at Peletz Park (near Tamarisk Gate) or at the blue tables near the play structure where there is no supervision.

    Car Pick-up
    All cars must have a sign with the student’s first name and last initial displayed in the window. Please pull all the way forward to the front of the pick up area

    1st Grade Walking Pick-up at the Tables near MPR
    Parents are asked to stay off the benches marked for the first graders. Please keep all other children with you at all times.
    · No playing on the playground or main play structure until 2:30.
    · Any students not picked up at 2:40 will go to car circle and wait.

    2nd and 3rd Grade Walking Pick-up at the Wooden Benches (outside of K2)
    Parents are asked to stay off the benches around the trees and wait on the other side of the sidewalk. Please wait on grassy knoll or under trees. The students will sit on the wooden benches near K2. Please keep the sidewalk clear!
    · No playing on the small play structure/sandbox until 2:40.
    · Any students not picked up at 2:40 will go to car circle and wait

    Bus Riders ~ Bus riders wait by bus route on the benches in front of the MPR.

    YMCA/Sunshine ~ Sunshine students walk directly to the YMCA building.

    Please do not arrange to meet your child at any location where there is no supervision! Thank you!