• Services that are specific for Yulupa Elementary include:

    Second Step whole class lessons -  The school counselor and the Pre-Service Counselor from Sonoma State University will be delivering 8 lessons to each First Grade class.  Many of the other grade level teachers also utilize this social skills curriculum within their  class.

    Friendship Club - A 12 week program that focuses on the skills of empathy building, anger management, and impulse control.  Our highly trained para-professional leads the group of 2-3 students through the appropriate social skill lessons that are based on the Second Step Program.  Students are selected for this program by observation from their teacher and in consultation with the parent.

    The Playroom - Over a 12 week span of time, our other highly trained para-professional meets one-on-one with students in the Playroom.  The activities in the Playoom are student driven, giving the student a chance to build confidence, and self esteem, while in a fun and engaging setting.

    Services that are specific for Strawberry Elementary include:

    Second Step whole class lessons - The school counselor and the Pre-Service Counselor will deliver 6 lesson to each of the Fifth Grade Classes.

    Lunch Bunch - Once a week at lunch, room 7 will open up for students to come in and hang-out with friends, eat lunch and play a variety of board games, etc.  It is a casual, friendly and safe place to spend lunch with the school counselors!

    Career Exploration - Sixth Grade students will get an opportunity to explore their interests and skills and see how they match to the career world.  The school counselors will work with Ken Barber, the Computer Lab Technician to deliver a 4 week exploration of CACareerzone.org. 

    Services that are offered at both Yulupa and Strawberry Elementary

    Individual and Small Group Counseling - Jeanette Wendt, our school counselor, and our Pre-Service Counselor, Shana Freidman offer several different types of counseling opportunies.  This includes short-term individual sessions,and various small group interventions targeting specific behaviors or issues.  Small groups may center on topics such as friendship skills, grief and loss, anger management, assertiveness, ans family transitions.  Students are selected for this program with the assistance of parent, teacher and principal input. 

    Our Department's goal is to develop within each child a stronger sense of self and a repertoire of positive behaviors and resiliency of emotions, so each child will experience greater school success.  Our programs strive to instill in each child the power to control their own behavior, weather emotional storms, and take responsibility for their own choices.


    The counseling department has pamphlets of the following topics.  These topics Tip Sheets offer knowledge and insight regarding behaviors a child is doing, and offers ways to make a positive shift in any behavior that is creating a negative environment.  These Tip Sheets are available in Spanish and in English.

    If there is a title that looks interesting, drop me an email at Jeanette.wendt@bvusd.org, or leave a message at either of the school’s offices.  I will either email you a Tip Sheet, mail it, send home with your child, or leave it in the office to be picked up.  If there is any desire to talk more about the situation, we can set up a meeting. 


    • Being a Parent
    • Coping With Stress
    • Feeling Depresses after Birth
    • Home Safety
    • Preparing for a new Baby
    • Supporting Your Partner
    • Balancing Work and Family
    • Crying
    • Promoting Development
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Sleep Patterns
    • Bedtime Problems
    • Disobedience 1
    • Hurting Others
    • Independent Eating
    • Language
    • Sharing
    • Tantrums
    • Toilet Training
    • Wandering
    • Whining
    • Disobedience 2
    • Fighting and Agression
    • Going Shopping
    • Interrupting
    • Having Visitors
    • Mealtime Problems
    • Nightmares and Night Terrors
    • Separation Problems
    • Cleaning UP
    • Traveling in the Car
    • Bedwetting
    • Behavior at School
    • Being Bullied
    • Chores
    • Fears
    • Homework
    • Lying
    • Self-Esteem
    • Stealing
    • Swearing
    • Creativity
    • Sport
    • ADHD