• Welcome to the Computer Lab!

    Yulupa Elementary School's technology education experience is designed to help students learn and achieve the educational goals of the Bennett Valley Union School District.

    Yulupa Elementary Students will...

    • Explore how people create, use, and control technology.
    • Apply knowledge in mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, health, and fine arts in solving problems associated with technology.
    • Use tools and materials to explore personal interests with technology.
    • Exhibit self-confidence through the use of technology.
  • The district's comprehensive technology plan includes a specific emphasis on supporting reading instruction, including the use of Accelerated Reader in grades 1-6, and the Follett library system in both school libraries. While technology cannot replace a skilled teacher, the effective use of well-designed technology-based supports can provide additional resources for students, especially those potentially at-risk for reading failure. Currently, the district uses technology to: match student reading levels and text difficulty for supplemental reading using Accelerated Reader; provide assessments to monitor student progress; provide additional differentiated practice in skills, strategies, etc.; provide access to informational and research sources/websites for teacher and students; and enhance communication and promote the sharing of data, problemsolving, etc. among district professionals and parents.

    Kindergarten through third grade classes visit the computer lab weekly. The curriculum involves appropriate training so that students learn to use technology as a tool for research, writing, assessment, academic skills development and practice, communication, etc.  All students have access to computer technology and filtered Internet from each classroom, library, and computer lab


computer lab
  • Mr. Morris Paschall

    Computer Lab Instructor & Network Technician


    542-6272 ext. 242