School Site Council

  • A joint School Site Council links Yulupa and Strawberry Schools. The council is comprised of parents, classified staff members, teachers, and administrators (school principals).  Representatives serve two-year terms and positions are staggered. The Site Council meets one afternoon each month and has many responsibilities including:

    • Managing the Single Plan for Student Achievement and Local Educational Agency Plan which address all areas of the curriculum.
    • Assisting the Board of Trustees in developing the district's annual budget, as well as reviewing, analyzing, and making recommendations regarding requests for budget funding.
    • Overseeing many school-wide areas such as leadership, school effectiveness, the learning environment, special needs, emergency plans, and staff development.

    The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) holds orientation for new Site Council members each fall.  Interested candidates should contact their student's school principal to complete a candidates' statement form.  A ballot for selecting representatives will appear in a newsletter if an election is necessary.

Alliance of Parents & Teachers

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    The Bennett Valley Alliance of Parents and Teachers (BVAPT)  is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to enhance the education of Bennett Valley students and to build community.  All parents and teachers are automatically members of the APT.  There is no cost to join.  Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings announced in the district newsletters.  While only the Executive Board is the voting body, input is taken from the superintendent, principals, faculty, staff, and parents.  The APT raises funds through fundraising sales, book fairs, etc. and uses them to fund assemblies, field trips, computers, instructional materials, PE and science support, faculty allowances, and a host of other needs. 

    Be sure to sign up for e-scrip!

    • Go to
    • Click on #1 option: sign up
    • Select Bennett Valley Alliance Parents/Teachers ID# 137621013

    Please visit our BVAPT website to get more information and to volunteer!

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Bennett Valley Education Foundation

  • bvef music logo Your tax-deductible contributions to the Bennett Valley Education Foundation fund the rich array of visual and performing arts programs at Yulupa and Strawberry schools. Every student in our district learns fine art techniques, art history, music appreciation, and multicultural dance from highly skilled, experienced art educators. Unique to our school district, these programs and the artists who lead them are recognized by students and families as a beloved part of their educational experience.  Please see below for all the details!

    Visit our website at:

    Click Art Docent Training Videos to find the videos.

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    Classroom Programs in the Visual and Performing Arts

    Music Appreciation with Marla Tusa: Marla Tusa is a dedicated and passionate musical professional who brings over 15 years of formal music teaching experience with all age groups to the Bennett Valley District.  Marla is the Director of the Training and Intermediate Groups for the Santa Rosa Children’s Choral Academy, and effectively fosters a love of music in all of her students. Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, BVEF will fully fund for every class at Yulupa and Strawberry to have music appreciation instruction.  A gifted vocalist and instrumentalist who is fluent in French, Marla’s dynamic curriculum creatively engages students through music, enabling them to gain an appreciation for music theory, musical history, world music, rhythm, singing, and the performing arts.

    Visual Art: BVEF funding offers students diverse opportunities to express themselves through the medium of art with professional instruction and class interaction.   The importance of art is highlighted through relevant art history, structured to the curriculum and abilities of the different grade levels. Through the art-making process, students develop confidence, skills and practice constructive thinking.  Kelley O’Leary is a visual artist and designer emphasizing in people, places, technology and feelings.

    Art Docents: BVEF trains parent volunteers to lead art lessons, offering a fun, hands-on way to bring classroom studies to life. Each class enjoys 2-3 art docent lessons utilizing various media including clay, paper, acrylic and watercolor paint, and more, all coordinated with grade level studies.

    Multicultural Music, Movement, and Dance at Yulupa with Tina Rogers: A Sonoma County native, Tina, earned experience and acclaim in music, street dance, and athletics at an early age. At UC Davis, she honed her passion for the arts and fitness, and is today a master teacher using multicultural music and dance to teach the “whole child.” In addition to her in-school teaching residencies, Tina leads a Hip Hop Culture lifestyle consisting of dance and rap battles, choreography, and performances and teaching in multiple venues. For years, Ms. Tina has taught an array of dances to Yulupa students and has also donated her time to lead BVEF’s popular “Family Dance Night.”

    Multicultural Music, Movement, and Dance at Strawberry with Tina Malone: Earnestine (Tina) Malone has been dancing for 30+ years and teaching dance for 19 years. Her childhood dreams of following her uncle’s footsteps as a Broadway dancer and choreographer led her to launch M. Studio Dance Company in 2010 and after school program “KidzGroove” in 2011. At Strawberry School, Tina teaches students to express themselves with dance, enjoy dance as exercise, and appreciate the origins of the dances they perform. Students establish a cultural connection to each grade level’s history curriculum.

    First-Year & Advanced Band Programs: Strawberry’s band programs are led by professional musician, Jim Passarell, who plays virtually every instrument you can think of.  These programs teach students to read music and play their instrument independently and with fellow musicians in both concert performances and as a marching band in the Rose Parade.  Band and Percussion Programs are open to all Strawberry students. Practices are held in the mornings before the start of the school day.

    Percussion: Patrick O’Connell is a noted percussionist who has performed for three U.S. Presidents!  His program is a specialty for our district. Students learn to read music, rhythm, proper technique, and to play with other musicians. Drummers are included in the band for all concerts and events.

    Strawberry Gleeagles (Chorus): Marla Tusa has developed elementary and secondary choirs, bands, and performing arts programs in the US and in Canada.  Strawberry’s very popular choral music program introduces students to choral music, rounds, beginning harmonies and singing both accompanied and a Capella.  Chorus is open to all Strawberry students, with practice right after school on Minimum Mondays.